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15 Best Tig Welders – AC/DC Both Reviewed

You might not know it, but there are welding jobs out there that require the use of tig welding, and even those who want or want to learn this skill will probably find themselves in the market for a tig welder at some point.

A TIG welder is an electric welding machine that employs the use of a tungsten electrode to secure the metal and then a small arc plasma electrode to produce the weld. This welding machine uses electricity to create the arc itself.

These types of welders usually feature their own power sources and have more features than the average industrial welding machine. Our buyer’s guide, along with in-depth examinations of the best TIG welders should provide you an outstanding idea of which TIG welder is good for you.

List of Best TIG Welders – Reviews, Pros & Cons

These are the best TIG welders in the market along with reviews, guide and pros & cons.

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp

The AlphaTIG 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder from AHP Enterprises is a versatile, portable, and versatile TIG welding machine. This machine is ideal for welding aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, carbon steel, cast iron, and mild steel. It features a powerful 200 Amp 3 phase AC/DC power source, a 200 Amp DC Pulse function, and a 10 amp output current.

AHP AlphaTIG 200 Amp AC DC TIG Welder

It also has an ergonomically designed welded steel base and accommodates an 8” x 8” welding table. The AlphaTIG 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder comes with 2 welding tip packages, 1 wire feeder package, 2 tungsten electrode packages, and 1 torch package.


  • Rust isn’t an issue with this product as it is made with stainless steel parts
  • This easy-to-use manual provides clear and concise instructions on how to operate your device
  • Welding a wide variety of metals
  • A stable arc is produced
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Price:  $750.00


  • The ground clamp that is included with the TIG welder can be easily broken

2. HF 200 Amp TIG and ARC Portable Inverter Welder

HF 200 Amp TIG and ARC

Finally a new portable welder has arrived! The HF 200 Amp TIG and ARC Portable Inverter Welder is designed to handle all of your welding needs, from torching to TIG welding, MIG welding, and stick welding.

This welder utilizes Inverter technology, so it works just like a regular welder but with a smaller footprint, making it perfect for even the most compact workspaces. The HF 200 Amp TIG and ARC Portable Inverter Welder from Harbor Freight is a tool that uses the power of a 200 Amp welder with the convenience of an inverter welder.

This portable welder has TIG and ARC welding capabilities, so you can practice whichever welding technique you prefer. The HF 200 Amp TIG and ARC Portable Inverter Welder also has dual voltage capability, which means it can be used on AC or DC power sources.


  • Produces perfect welds
  • Operating this is a breeze
  • The best components
  • This welding machine is perfect for joining different metals together


  • Not recommended for welding aluminum

3. Everlast PowerTIG AC/DC 185 Amp Welder

Everlast PowerTIG AC DC 185

When you’re looking to buy a welder, it’s hard to know where to begin. There are so many options on the market, and if you’re unfamiliar with welders, it can be even harder to know which one is right for you.

The Everlast PowerTIG 185 Welder delivers up to 18,000 AC and 8,000 DC amps and operates at up to 92% duty cycle. This welder is ideal for hobbyists, engineers, and contractors with small to medium welding jobs.

The 185 Amp PowerTIG features TIG, MIG, and Stick welding modes, and has a durable, ergonomic carry handle. Weighing 17 pounds and with a 1.5-pound wire spool, this unit is easy to carry and fits comfortably on workbenches.


  • For a welding enthusiast fast and easy setup
  • This product features gas pre-flow and post-flow for enhanced shielding
  • This product is perfect for commercial and industrial use
  • Inexpensive
  • Price:  $774.00


  • Though simple to learn, it can be tough for a novice to operate

4. Weldpro TIG AC/DC 200 Amp Digital TIG/Stick Welder

Weldpro TIG AC DC 200 Amp

The Weldpro TIG/Stick 200 Amp Digital Welder brings a lot to the table, from its 200 Amp AC/DC digital Inverter welder to its 0.5mm wire feed speed. But before we get into the features, let’s examine how the process works. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding uses a liquid tungsten electrode that melts and pools on the metal surface, which forms a bond between the electrode and the metal.

The arc is then struck between the electrode and the metal, and the heat from the arc melts and fuses the puddled metal together. Welding stick electrodes are similar to TIG electrodes, but they’re made of carbon, which melts and forms an arc when struck. Stick electrodes are better suited to welding thinner materials, making them ideal for welding thin-gauge metals like aluminum.


  • Pre and post-flow for clean welds
  • Strong
  • Perfect for a variety of welding applications
  • Small and light


  • The foot pedal is of poor quality

5. PRIMEWELD TIG225X IGBT 225 Amp TIG/Stick Welder


The PRIMEWELD TIG225X IGBT 225 Amp TIG/Stick Welder is the best TIG/Stick welder for the price, offering a stable, easy-to-use welding machine that is perfect for beginners and hobbyists. The 225 Amp IGBT welder has 3 preset welding programs, TIG and Stick, that can be set to the amperage you need.

The TIG 225 has 8 Amps of TIG welding power and primes up to 47 to 575 amps. The TIG 225 also has a high duty cycle of 50 percent so it is perfect for hobby use. The TIG 225 has a TIG torch with a 6′ cable and TIG torch/workpiece handle.


  • You can employ it in numerous welding applications
  • HF start prolongs electrode life
  • It is designed for comfort and ease of use
  • Width control that is precise


  • It’s weighty
  • The fan is making too much noise

6. LOTOS AC/DC 200 Amp Aluminum TIG Welder

LOTOS AC DC 200 amp

The LOTOS AC/DC 200 Amp Aluminum TIG Welder is a welder designed to perform high-quality welding on aluminum. The welder works extremely well for aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. The welder features 1.2 kilowatts of power.

This is found on the 100 amp setting. This welder features a DC TIG Torch with wire feed, foot pedal, 1.5-inch gun, and 3/8 inch gun. These guns are designed to work with either 18 or 9 AWG wire. This welder features four TIG torch settings.

There is a 100 Amp setting, a 200 Amp setting, a 250 Amp setting, and a low setting that is good for a 30% duty cycle. This welder has a 3-year warranty.  This welder is powerful enough for heavy-duty projects and will tackle any welding task you throw at it.


  • Welds aluminum with precision
  • Its lightness makes it portable
  • Ease-of-use
  • Inexpensive
  • Price:  $599.00


  • Somewhat weighty
  • The operating controls can be a confusing for newcomer

7. Amico 225 Amp High-Frequency TIG/Arc/Stick DC Welder

Amico 225 Amp High-Frequency

If you need to weld metal, a good welder is a must. Welding requires excellent attention to detail and a strong knowledge of metal properties. That’s why the Amico 225 Amp High-Frequency TIG/Arc/Stick DC Welder is such a valuable addition to your welding tool arsenal.

The TIG (TIG/Stick) function is for welding stainless steel, and cast iron. The TIG/Arc function is used for welding steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze. The Stick function is for welding mild steel, cast iron, and ductile cast iron. This welder has 225 amps of welding power, and that translates to welds that are twice as strong as those created with just 120 amps.


  • Easy to move
  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for welding metals of different thicknesses
  • Good for construction and industrial tasks
  • Price:  $329.00


  • HF start is not
  • Cannot weld aluminum

8. Maxstar DC 150 STL TIG Welder

Maxstar DC 150 STL TIG Welder

If you are in the welding profession and looking for a portable yet powerful TIG welder, then Maxstar DC 150 STL TIG Welder features will be a great solution. This unit is portable, lightweight, and comes with a heavy-duty carry case. It can weld aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel down to 1/8 inch.

Equipped with a Digital Display and TIG Torch Height Adjustment Knob, this unit is easy to operate and adjust. You can use Maxstar DC 150 from 110v to 240v, so whether you are using it at home or working on the road, it’s versatile enough for you.


  • The interface is easy to use
  • Full remote control system
  • Movable
  • Long-lived


  • The TIG welder is somewhat pricey

9. Mophorn 160 Amp Dual Voltage TIG and Stick Welder

Mophorn 160 Amp Dual Voltage

When your job requires welding, you’ll want a welder that can deliver reliable, high-quality results. The Mophorn 160 Amp Dual Voltage TIG and Stick Welder is an incredible machine. It’s a high-end quality machine that weighs almost 65 pounds. The Mophorn 160 Amp Dual Voltage TIG and Stick Welder from Makita features multiple welding capabilities, including TIG welding, with a 160 Amp TIG welder and 250 Amp stick welder.

Mophorn 160 Amp Dual Voltage TIG and Stick Welder

The TIG welder and stick welder both come with high- and low-speed options, giving you flexibility when welding. The welder has a built-in wire feeder, torch handle, and cable, and assembly is easy—just connect the welder to the power source. For added safety, the welder has built-in arc eye protection and cool start technology.


  • It has a variety of applications
  • Affordable
  • Develops high-quality welds
  • Price:  $129.99


  • Not foot pedal includes
  • The gas valve gets defective after sometime

10. Lincoln K5126-1 Electric Square Wave 200 Amp TIG Welder

Lincoln K5126-1 Electric Square

The Lincoln K5126-1 electric welder is built with safety in mind. This welder is ideal for completing tough welding jobs, both indoors and outdoors, making it the ideal product for welding jobs on heavy equipment such as cars, boats, and trucks.

With a 200 amp TIG welding output, the Lincoln K5126-1 is ideal for use in professional workshops, industrial workshops, and increase”. This machine includes a TIG torch, flux core, and tungsten electrodes. The TIG torch can be disconnected for easy cleaning. All the accessories are housed in a protective carrying bag.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Weightless and movable
  • It contains an incredible regulator
  • Price:  $2,448.89


  • Not for thin metals
  • Expensive

11. Yeswelder TIG-250P AC/DC TIG Aluminum Welder With Pulse

Yeswelder TIG-250P

The Yeswelder TIG-250P is a portable TIG welder that can weld thin sheets of aluminum. It produces an output of 250 amps and a welding current of 4.5 amps. It features a 5.5” LED screen that displays voltage, amps, wire feed speed, weld current, and TIG welding process information.

You can adjust the main welding parameters – voltage and amps, wire feed speed and duration, and weld current – with the dials on the front of the unit, and pulse, weld, and bang on/off with the buttons on the side. The TIG-250P has a 1/2” stainless steel welding torch with a 1.5mm pin and a 0.5mm pin. The torch comes with a protective cover that doubles as an impact wrench.


  • Saves your settings automatically
  • Anti-sticking quality
  • Contains a foot pedal heat control
  • Price:  $749.99


  • Regulator is not included
  • TIG torch is low quality

12. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC TIG Welder

Eastwood TIG 200 AC DC

The Eastwood TIG 200 is a top-quality unit that delivers 200 amps and 1250 volts. This machine performs well in all welding applications. It has a nice user-friendly interface. The Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC TIG Welder is perfect for welding automotive, aircraft, marine, agricultural, and heavy equipment, as well as making custom jewelry.

The Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC TIG Welder comes with a 1-year warranty, a 5-year warranty on the transformer, a 5-year warranty on the body, and a 10-year warranty on the TIG torch.  This TIG welder is compatible with any TIG welding rod.


  • 60 percent duty cycle at 190 amps
  • High-frequency arc begins
  • Price: $999.99


  • No 2T/4T trigger safety
  • Lacks adaptable pulse quality

13. ESAB Rebel 215ic DC TIG Welder

ESAB Rebel 215ic DC TIG Welder

The ESAB Rebel 215ic DC TIG Welder is a 230 vac, 50/60 Hz, 30 amp welder with a 200 amp/hr capacity. It features ESAB’s patented dual voltage system which is ideal for outdoor work. The unit has automatic temperature compensation, which increases the arc length, the duty cycle, and the gas output automatically as the temperature of the weld puddle increases.

The welder has a range of 5-30 ac, 0-10 dc, and a duty cycle of 40 percent. Other features include a 2.5 in. LCD, dual voltage input, “on the fly” voltage adjustment, and “wide arc” technology. The Rebel 215ic has a 2.5 in. display screen with touch controls and a 30 amp hour internal battery.


  • On the display manual user
  • Contains MIG gun and TIG torch
  • Included gas regulator
  • Price:  $2,428.75


  • Only DC TIG welder
  • Expensive

14. TOOLIOM 200 A TIG Welder

TOOLIOM 200 A TIG Welder

TOOLIOM 200A TIG Welder is the new generation of 200A, which is widely applied in welding work. It is especially suitable for low-voltage, single-phase electrical weld work. Its function is simple, compact structure, strong adaptability, stable performance, easy to carry, good heat dissipation, etc. Its characteristics are:

  1. The TIG arc welding machine adopts a two-position arc start, which can effectively improve the welding performance.
  2. It is suitable for welding various wires, such as low, medium voltage, and high current welding.
  3. The equipment complies with international environmental standards such as CE and ROHS; it is designed according to international standards
  4. With a class II high voltage circuit protection device, the welding machine can fully guarantee the life of the welding torch.
  5. The welding machine has stable.


  • Double voltage 110 V/220 V.
  • Fit for home workshop and industrial use
  • Low-budget TIG welder for beginner


  • Not suitable for aluminum
  • The foot pedal is not included

15. SUNCOO TIG Welder


Becoming a welder is a big decision. Safety, price, and availability of training are just some of the factors to take into consideration. But if you’re really serious about becoming a welder—and want to get the most out of your investment—you’ll need a tool that will give you great results, no matter what kind of job you need to weld. The SUNCOO TIG Welder is an affordable TIG welder that will suit most budgets, offering plenty of power for most jobs.

This SUNCOO TIG welder is 2 types of welding machine in one. The TIG welding machine will weld aluminum and stainless steel. The stick welding machine can weld any metal including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc. The TIG welder is perfect for home repairs and general construction projects.

The TIG-209 is a TIG welding machine that provides welding power of up to 200 Amps, making it perfect for professional and amateur welders alike. This machine comes with a DC inverter and an adjustable electrode. Its circuit design has optimized the use of magnetic components, and the inverter technology can save power.

The welding machine adopts AC/DC electricity control, and the transformer and 110V power supply are all provided together, which makes it very convenient to use.


  • LED Digital Display
  • Dual Voltage system
  • MOSFET inverter technology
  • Advanced electrical circuit design
  • Price: $209.99


  • None

Factors for Choosing a TIG Welder

Factors for Choosing a TIG Welder
Infographic: Factors for Choosing a TIG Welder

Type of Input

TIG welding (tungsten inert gas) uses tungsten, a type of metal, as the electrode. The TIG welder uses an electric arc to melt the metal, and the resulting molten metal droplets are joined using argon gas. This gas is a mixture of argon and helium, and argon is cheaper than helium, which is why the TIG welder uses argon gas instead of helium gas. When the arc is struck, electrons are emitted and collide with gas molecules, which causes electrons to move through the gas, pushing them forward. This process creates the arc, which melts the electrode and the metal being welded.

Metal Thickness

The metal thickness for weld factor is a metal fabrication term and refers to the metal thickness considered for welding. When welding metal, it’s important that the weld metal has sufficient strength to support the weldment, without allowing the weld metal to crack, break, or separate. Welding is a manufacturing process that can be complex, and different variables determine the metal thickness for the weld. Usually, TIG welders can weld steel up to 3/8 inches wide. Also, if you require to weld aluminum or other non-ferrous materials, select a model that helps non-ferrous metal welding.


Welding is a field where your work hands you many challenges and problems, but there are also many solutions offered. One of the challenges associated with welding is the weight of the welder. Heavy welders can be difficult to maneuver, and for heavier welders, there is usually a forklift available to help move them around. The weight of Tig Welder affects the transportation of the machine.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is the quantity of time a welder can weld without disruption. That means the duty cycle of a general arc welder is its limit per hour. Most machines have a duty cycle of 30%. The duty cycle of tig welders is the percentage of time during which the welder can actually weld, versus the time during which the machine simply warms up, cools down, or switches arcs.


A warranty is a promise, so a warranty on anything can be put to test. Thus, a warranty from welders can give you an idea about the consistency and quality of welding. The welder’s warranty is an essential component for customers when they decide to purchase welders.


What is the best use of TIG welding?

The TIG welding machine is used to make high quality welds on different kinds of materials. It is very versatile and is used to weld various kinds of metals, alloys, and pipes. The TIG welding process is typically viewed as being very hard to use. But, like with any skill, the more you practice, the better you become. TIG welding machines can be used to weld a lot of materials. The most commonly used are aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. It is the technology of choice when you want a high class of welds.

What is the current used in TIG welding?

You can operate either AC or DC current with a hanging steady current power source when TIG welding. The amount of current you use will depend on the type and thickness of the metal.

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